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A Sample box of candles called Beach waves

Beach Waves Sample Box


Each Sample Box contains 4, 2 oz black tins. They are made with all-natural soy wax, all-natural wicks. We use high-quality fragrances.


Choose your fragrance combination.


Box Options

Box 1

  • Sea Salt and Lily
  • Ocean Shores
  • Coconut Paradise
  • Juicy Papaya Mango
  • Care instructions

    Please read the warning label on the bottom of all candles.

  • How it's Made:

    We hand-pour all our candles in Fort Myers Florida and use all-natural soy wax, cotton non-lead wicks, and high-quality fragrances to ensure less smoke, even clean burn, and fantastic scent throw.

  • Ingredients:

    • All-natural Soy Wax: It’s 100% vegetable-based, and the soybeans are grown here in the US. 

    • Paraben-free

    • Top-class candle wicks: Made of 100% natural cotton and are coated with natural soy wax. No zinc, lead, or other metals.

    • All-natural high-quality Fragrance Oils.

    • All ingredients are Cruelty-Free.

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